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Kentucky Conference Calls are better with Zip Conferencing

If you are already doing conference calls than you know how they can save time and money for your business. But what you may not know is what you are missing. Calls with Zip Conferencing are better because we offer more features for less money and the quality and reliability are second to none. Here are just a few of the ways that calls are better with Zip Conferencing.

More Features - Many people use only the basic features of the call. They call in to a toll free number and enter a pass code to get into the call and then simply hang up when done. And Zip Conferencing's calls are that simple. But if you want to enhance your call experience you can with a number of features such as volume control, PIN entry, tones on entry and exit, muting and unmuting and even recording of the meeting. Once you try some of the features that Zip Conferencing offers on its audio conferencing you may never have a meeting without them again.

More Reliability - Zip Conferencing has taken many steps to make sure your call is there when you need it. From back up power to back up equipment, we have put together the most reliable network in the industry. After all what good is a good price on a service if it doesn't work? So don't have your business rely on a free or cut rate service that may not work when you need it to, use Zip Conferencing.



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