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Iowa Conference Calls with Zip Conferencing are full featured

Zip Conferencing offers services that have a full compliment of features you should expect with a conferencing service. Some cut rate services scrimp on features but Zip Conferencing offers you full featured services for less. Here are just some of the features you will get for your Iowa calls.

  • Host Controls - During the call you have the ability to control a number of aspects of the meeting through either your telephone or PC using commands. You can control the volume of the call in your phone and across the call. You have the ability to mute and unmute yourself and your participants. As host of the call you can also take a roll call of the participants. You can also record the call for participants who missed the call as they can dial in and listen to it later.
  • Options - We also give you the ability to adjust certain options for the call before you join. You can determine whether you want tones when participants join the call or not for example. You can also establish extra security for your call where you would require an extra PIN number for participants to join the call.
  • Online Account Management - And your overall account is accessible online. You can add, edit and delete moderators and their conferences. You can also access usage reports that show total usage for each moderator during a time period you select. You can even download reports and import them into your own software such as Excel.



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