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An Internet Conference Call you can do anywhere

Zip Conferencing offers a service as an audio or as a web conference. You can also combine the services and hold a full audio visual meeting with people at great distances. All you need is a connection to the internet and a telephone and you too can hold an internet meeting. If you only want to have the audio portion of the call all you need is a telephone.

Our calls allow up to 300 people at a time to get on the telephone together and hold a meeting. You and your participants simply need to dial a toll free number from anywhere in the US and enter a pass code that you are supplied when you sign up for the service. The number and passcode are dedicated to you and you keep them for as long as you have an account with Zip Conferencing. You can use them whenever you need to as there is no need to schedule the call in advance. You simply distribute the toll free dial in number and pass code to your participants and tell them when you would like to hold your call. When all participants call in you will be automatically joined on your meeting.

If you like you can add a visual element to your call by holding a web conference at the same time as your audio conference. You can share your desktop, do a powerpoint presentation or simply collaborate on a whiteboard while you talk on the audio portion of the call. And with Zip Conferencing you will find that web conferencing has never been easier. In just a couple of clicks you can easily launch a web conference. Your participants will be more engaged in your presentation and retain your information better if you add a visual element to your online meeting. You can even try the web conferencing for free for 30 days with no obligation. That is because we are sure that once you try the web conferencing service you will want to use it consistently to enhance your meetings.


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