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Our International Service has many Options

The world is truly shrinking thanks to technology like our international service. As your business grows and you provide your goods and services around the world you can use our service to connect with your business partners no matter where they are. We offer many options for international service so that you can choose what service is right for you and your participants.



  • Local Number Dial In - The easiest way to access our service is by using the local number dial in access. With every reservation we provide a toll free number and a local number here in the United States for participants to dial in to the call. The toll free dial in number is accessible only within the United States and Canada. If you have participants who are outside the United States they will not be able to access the toll free dial in number. But you can use this standard call for international access by giving those participants the local dial in number. The international participants can access this number from anywhere in the world. The cost to you is the same as any other participant on the call. The only drawback is that the international participant will have to pay a toll charge to dial the local dial in number. They will be charged by their telephone company the same as if they were dialing any other local number here in the United States from wherever they are in the world.
  • International Local Number Dial In - Unlike most other providers, Zip Conferencing has local numbers in major cities around the world. This means that you can provide your international participants with a number that is local to them in their country. If the participant is in Paris, for instance, then they would be able to dial a local Paris number to connect with your call here in the United States. You will pay an additional charge depending on the city from where the participant dials in to your call. The Participant, however, will not pay anything if they are local to that city. Whatever it costs them to make a local call will apply.
  • International Toll Free Dial In - Our service also has toll free dial in numbers around the world that your participants can use to access your call. This is probably the most convenient way to access our service but also the most expensive. Unfortunately, the cost for international toll free access can be very high depending on the country. But if you want to make sure that your participant does not incur any cost at all then this option may be right for you. We have toll free access dial in numbers in over 30 countries around the world that allow your international participants to connect to your call here in the United States. The cost to you is more than the other two methods but your participants will not incur any expense what so ever.

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