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April 2010


What's New

Conferencing Hub to be Updated this Saturday - The Conferencing Hub will be unavailable for a short period between 1:00 am - 4:00 am EST this Saturday morning so that the system can go through important enhancements. Included in the update is an enhancement to the Web Meeting Room Management capabilities. Also, Hub Admins will be able to toggle between all Moderator information and just their own information. We apologize for any inconvenience that the outage may cause.

USF Charges increase to 15.3% - The USF rate for the second quarter has been raised to 15.3% from 14.1% in the first quarter. The USF (Universal Service Fund) is a fee imposed on all conference call providers by the government to help fund telecommunications services in rural areas in the US among other things. This pass through fee is on all charges.

You can learn more about the USF fee by visiting the web site of USAC which is the government administrating agency. www.usac.org

Did You Know?

You can provide access to participants outside the US to your conference call??

That's right, we offer three ways for international conference call participants outside the US to access our conference calls. First they can dial the local number provided with every conference call. Our GlobalMeet service has over 30 cities where you can access the US conference call by dialing a number in that city. Or you can also provide a toll free number in over 30 countries around the world. And now we have added Mexico City and Taipei to the list of cities where local access is available. If you are interested in adding GlobalMeet service to your account please contact our Sales department.

For more details on International Access click here.

FAQ of the Month

Do I have to schedule a conference call every time?

We offer two types of conference calls. The most popular type is called reservationless because you never need to schedule the call with us. Once you have your conference call information you can use it whenever you need to without scheduling. This is the type of conference call we provide when you join Zip Conferencing. We also provide the ability to schedule a conference call if you like to have a one time event. After the completion of this type of conference call the pass codes will no longer work and a new conference call reservation must be made.

For more details on reservationless conference calls click here.


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