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International Calls are Easy with Zip Conferencing

The world is shrinking as businesses continue to expand and take their businesses around the world. And today, with the Internet, any size business can compete on an international level. It goes to reason that international calls would be more in demand all the time. And Zip Conferencing makes it easy to do calls internationally by providing several ways in which to connect participants around the world to your meeting.

Local Number Access - With every reservation we provide there is a local dial in access number provided. Since participants in other countries cannot access a US toll free number they need a way to connect to a call other than the toll free number. The Local number is a number that is accessible from anywhere in the world. Simply provide your international participants with this local number and they can dial into the call. The only drawback with this method of access is the fact that the international participant will pay a long distance charge to access the meeting because it is like they are dialing any other phone number in the United States.

International Local Access Numbers - Zip Conferencing has a unique service that allows people in other countries to access calls. It is called GlobalMeet and it provides a local access number in countries around the world that still connect the parties to the meeting in the United States. So if the participant is local to Paris for instance they can dial a local number in Paris and be connected to the call with you. The benefit is that the participant only has to dial a local number which in most cases costs them nothing and as the moderator of the call you pay an access charge that is higher than the US local number access but much less than if you provide them an international toll free number.

International Toll Free Access - Certainly the most convenient but also the most expensive way to access remote meetings is with international toll free numbers. Zip Conferencing has toll free access in over 40 countries around the world. A participant in any of these cities simply needs to dial the toll free number in that country to be connected to the call here in the United States. The only drawback here is that the international toll free numbers are very expensive and since the moderator pays the bill for the whole call you may want to consider one of the other access options first.

Cconference calls are easy to do and can help you expand your business beyond the borders of the United States. Zip Conferencing offers more options than most companies for international calls.

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