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Engage your Audience with Interactive Web Conferencing

It is hard enough to keep your audience engaged when your are in an auditorium setting. When you are hosting an online event and can't see the audience it is very difficult to keep the attention of your participants. Interactive web conferencing helps keep your participants focused on the meeting and not the distractions that are undoubtedly in front of them.

So what can you do to make sure you are having an interactive session? Well, here are some of the features that are included with the Zip Conferencing service that will help you have an interactive meeting.

  • Polling - Polling gives you the ability to ask questions of your audience and share the responses with the audience. This is a great way if your doing a presentation type meeting to have an interactive session. The audience has to respond or you will see that they have not. Depending on the size of the audience and the context of the meeting you can choose to point out how many people respond or not. The results you share with the audience can be in percentages so they don't know the hard number if you wish.
  • Q&A - At any point during your meeting you can open up the presentation to a question and answer session. The audience can be in mute mode during your presentation and you can open up the lines one at a time based on the raised hands in the audience. The participants simply click on an icon to raise their hands during the presentation.
  • Video - The service has the ability to share a video stream with your audience or if it is a smaller meeting you can have multiple video feeds at once. As a participant it is much harder to not pay attention when your face is part of the meeting.
  • Chat - The chat feature on the service allows you to chat with members of the audience. As host of the meeting you can choose to allow chat between the member of the audience as well. And you can chat with all participants or just one if you choose.
  • White boarding - Just like in a real conference room setting our solution provides a whiteboard where the participants can draw free form to make a point or add to another person's input. Inviting participants up to the whiteboard to share their thoughts is a great way to keep your audience engaged.
  • Application Sharing - The ultimate tool to an interactive meeting is the ability to actually share applications on your computer with the participants. Though not suited for a large audience, a small group can truly collaborate if you are working on a spreadsheet or document and make changes to it on the fly. You can permit participants to actually take control of your computer and change the document.

Interactive web conferencing is truly possible with Zip Conferencing's services.


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