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Hurricane Sandy

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November 2012


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Hurricane Sandy

The last couple of weeks in the New York/New Jersey area have been very difficult and for many people the nightmare is not over.  Many still have no power and are struggling to survive in the conditions left by the storm.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the storm. 

Zip Conferencing is a New Jersey based company and had emergency plans in place in the event of just such a disaster.  So I am happy to report that none of our operations were affected.  Some conferencing providers have not taken all of the steps we have taken to provide such reliability and I would hate to think what may have happened were we not prepared.

To assist those affected by the storm please consider a donation to our Governor's fund set up specifically for this disaster or the Red Cross.  You can access the NJ Governor's site here https://sandynjrelieffund.org/index.html

Did You Know?


You can add as many Moderators as you want to your account?

If you need more than one set of conferencing information for your company you can add additional conferences and additional Moderators to your account at no charge.  That way multiple people can do conference calls at the same time and not affect each other.  Also, by putting all of the people in your company under one account you can take advantage of the volume discounts available.  In order to add a Moderator you simply need to log into your conferencing Hub and then go to Administration/Moderator Management/Add a Moderator.  Just add the name, phone number and email of the new Moderator and then send them the confirmation with their information.  It is that easy.

For more information on adding Moderators click here:



FAQ of the Month


How do I change the form of payment on my account?

For security reasons you currently need to speak to one of our representatives to update your billing information.  A secure interface is being built to allow you to update your own information in the future but for right now simply call 866-704-2451 and press 1 between the hours of 9 - 5 EST Monday - Friday and a representative will be happy to assist you.

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