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December 2013


What's New


Holiday Bonus!  Get 10% Off your next invoice!

Zip Conferencing would like to give you a Holiday Bonus just for referring someone who can benefit from our services.  Simply refer someone to us and when they receive their first invoice you will get 10% Off your next invoice.

In order to take advantage of this offer just speak to a representative and provide them with the information on the company you are referring.  We will reach out to them and get them signed up for the service. 

Contact a sales representative today at 866-704-2451 press 1.

Did You Know?


You can share your computer screen with the participants on your conference call?

That's right.  With Zip Conferencing's Web Conferencing service you can share whatever is on your PC with the participants on your call.  So whether it is a Powerpoint presentation or a Word document you can easily share it with everyone on your conference call. The service is easy to use and easy for your participants as it requires no download for the participants to view your presentation.  The first month is FREE so why not try the service today?

To try the Web Conferencing service or to answer any questions you may have regarding the service speak to a representative at 866-704-2451 press 1.

FAQ of the Month

Can I view my old invoices online?

Yes.  When you log into the My Account section of our web site you can access all of your past invoices.  You can also update your credit card information.  Just go to www.zipconferencing.com and click on the Login button in the top right or go to the My Account page.  Enter your Client ID and Web Password and you can access your account.

If you have questions about any features of our services speak to a representative at 806-704-2451 press 1.


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