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July 2011


What's New


USF Charge decreased to 14.4% 

The Universal Service Fund (USF) fee that we collect, like all conference call service companies, changes on a quarterly basis based on guidance from the FCC. The amount charged for the third quarter of 2011 will be 14.4% which is down from the 14.9% which was being charged in the second quarter 2011. You can read more about the USF by going to the agency site which administrates the fund, the Universal Service Administrative Company. www.usac.org

If you have questions, please contact Sales at 866-704-2451 press 1.

Did You Know?


You can have more than one conference call going at the same time.

That's right, the Administrator on the account can add as many Moderators to your account as you like and each Moderator can have as many conference calls as they like.  What makes a conference call unique is the combination of the dial in access number and the pass code.  As long as you distribute a different set of pass codes to the participants on a separate conference call they will end up in a different call.   So every company can hold as many conference calls at the same time as you like. 

For more information on setting up separate conference calls click http://www.zipconferencing.com/kb/Can-you-have-more-than-one-conference-call-running-at-a-time_203.html


FAQ of the Month


How do I access my conferencing Hub to add/modify/delete Moderators?

It is easy to access your account online and add or change Moderators in your account.  First, the only person that can add/modify/delete Moderators is the Administrator on the account.  If you are the Hub Admin you simply need to log into your account using the Client ID and Web Password supplied when you first signed up for Zip Conferencing.  Go to your URL which was also provided and log into your account.  Hover over the Administration tab and Moderator Management and then either search for a Moderator to modify/delete or choose Add a Moderator.

For more information on managing Moderators click http://www.zipconferencing.com/kb/How-do-I-access-the-conferencing-hub-to-add/modify/delete-moderators_106.html


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