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Hawaii Calls are more Reliable with Zip Conferencing

Conference calls in Hawaii make a lot of sense if you do business on more than one island and with the mainland. The cost to travel to accomplish what you need to do on a regular basis can be very prohibitive. But to have a successful Hawaii call you need a reliable service provider. And no service provider is more reliable than Zip Conferencing. Here are some of the steps we have taken to make sure your call is there when you need it.

Battery Back Up Systems - All of our equipment is attached to a battery back up system that provides for power in the event of an outage. And in case of long duration outages we also employ generator back up systems that can power our services indefinitely.

Redundant Equipment - Unlike many other providers, we have hot standby equipment that can be deployed in the even of a hardware failure. This is a very expensive measure but insures that our customers will always have access to our services.

Clear Network Connections - Our equipment is connected directly to the network of our long distance providers with fiber optic connections. By hooking directly into their network we have eliminated switches that can fail and also improved the overall quality of the connection. So our calls are clear and reliable.

Multiple Telecommunications Providers - We even have multiple long distance telecommunications carriers in the event that our primary vendor has an outage we can switch our traffic to our secondary provider. So even if there is an outage outside of our network we can restore service without any lenghty outages.



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