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Conference calls are easier to use with Zip Conferencing

Over the years, conference calls have gotten easier to use in general but calls could not be easier than they are with Zip Conferencing. We have made the service easy to use and the overall management of your account easier than other providers as well.

Reservationless - The most popular form of audio conferencing by far is the reservationless call. This type of service allows you to have a meeting with your participants whenever you like without having to make a reservation. Simply dial the toll free number and enter the pass code and you will be connected with your participants.

Online Account Management - Zip Conferencing gives access to your account online so you have total control over your meetings whenever you like. In addition to basic account controls you can also control a number of options in your call like the entry and exit tones and whether your guests listen to music on hold in your meeting before you join. The interface is easy to use and available 24/7 so you can manage your account when you want.

Support - With Zip Conferencing you get phone support 24/7/365 from representatives who can even join your audio conference if necessary to assist you. You know you always have help to make it easy as possible to set up and conduct your meetings.



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