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March 2011


What's New


A New Voice for Conference Calls

You may have noticed, if you have done a conference call recently, that the voice on our system has changed. We recently updated all of the prompts on our conferencing equipment with a new female speaker. We hope that you have found the new voice a refreshing change. All of the actual prompts and commands for Host Controls and Participant controls have not changed.

New Step when you Add a Moderator

There is an additional step now when you go to add a Moderator to your account. You will asked to Select the Client's Association in a window that comes up when you go to add the Moderator. Simply click on the down arrow and select the company you want the Moderator associated with, most often there will only be one company there. Then click on the down arrow and select the conferencing Hub you want to associate the Moderator with and hit OK. This change was made to accommodate customers that have multiple companies and administrate them all through a single conferencing Hub administrative site.

If you have questions, please contact Sales at 866-704-2451 press 1.

Did You Know?

You can download usage reports of your conference call activity?

That's right, you can download reports that show all of your conference call activity. The report comes in either Excel or CSV format and can provide detail down to the participant level. You are able to run the report for a customized time period you specify. The reports can be located under the Reports tab on the conferencing Hub after you log in. Simply select the report you would like to run and specify the time frame and the report will be created.

For more details on accessing conference call reports click here.

FAQ of the Month

How do I turn off the tone that sounds when someone enters or exits the conference call?

You have control over a number of conference call options including the entry and exit tones on your conference call. You can have a tone sound only when someone enters or exits, no tone at all or have their name announced when they enter and exit the conference call. The control for the feature is located in the Conference Options section of the conference call reservation. After you log into your conferencing Hub locate the reservation by going to the Moderator who has the reservation, then View Audio Accounts and Edit the conference call. Open up the Conference Options and you will see the Entry and Exit tone options there. If you want the Name Announce feature you also need to select Record Participants Name for Roll Call but you do not have to conduct a Roll Call. This simply enable the Name Record feature. Hit Save and you are done.

For more details on Conference Options click here.



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