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November 2009


What's New

Web Conferencing Compability Improves - The Web Conferencing service provided by Zip Conferencing is now even more compatible thanks to two important updates. The Web Conferencing service is now 100% compatible with Windows 7. It is also now compatible with Apple computers. This means that Zip Conferencing's web conferencing service is one of the most compatible platforms for web conferencing available today!

International Cities Added - The GlobalMeet International conference call service has added two cities in Russia to its list of available access numbers around the world. You can now access a GlobalMeet conference call from Moscow or St. Petersburg. You can now access a GlobalMeet conference call from 40 cities around the world by dialing a local number in those cities. Toll Free International access is also available in over 30 countires around the world.

Did You Know?

You can see your conference detail during the month?

That's right, you can access your meeting details during the month. The detail includes all of the information regarding the conference calls, including the number the participants dialed into the conference call from and the total minutes used. You can access the conference call detail by going to your conferencing hub, logging on and clicking on the Meetings tab and going to Completed Meetings. The cost and rating information for the conference calls is not provided until the invoice is produced at the end of the month.

More detail on this function can be found by clicking here.

FAQ of the Month

I signed up as a Pay-As-You-Go customer, can I change to a Monthly Minute Plan?

Yes. If you have been using Zip Conferencing consistently and would like to take advantage of the volume discounts available to Monthly Minute Plan subscribers you can change to any plan each billing cycle. Simply notify us by using the Support Contact Form and let us know which plan you would like to change to and we will change your plan effective the next billing cycle. With Zip Conferencing there are no contracts and we are happy to adjust your plan as your business needs change.

For more details on Monthly Minute Plans click here.


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