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Delaware conference calls are more reliable with Zip Conferencing

Your business you cannot afford to have any issues during your meetings. Delaware conference calls are more reliable with Zip Conferencing because we have taken the steps necessary to ensure quality and reliability. Not all service providers take these steps because they are costly.

So before you sign up with another company you should check to see if they also take the steps necessary to provide reliability.

Back Up Power - All of our systems are backed up by battery and generator back up power systems. This makes sure that no matter what the situation our equipment will have the power it needs to operate.

Back Up Telecommunications - Our network has been engineered with multiple long distance carriers. This means that even if a telecommunications carrier has a major outage we can switch to another carrier without any interruption in your conferencing service.

Back Up Equipment - We maintain back up equipment that can instantly be deployed in the event of equipment failure. This is a costly measure to make sure your conferences are available all the time.

Support - With Zip Conferencing you get phone support 24/7/365 from representatives who can even join your audio conference if necessary to assist you.So in the unlikely event that you have an issue on your conference call you can get the support you need when you need it.


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