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December 2009


What's New

Happy Holidays! - From all of us at Zip Conferencing we would like to wish you and your family a Happy Holiday Season and a Joyous New Year!

Did You Know?

You can choose whether your participants can talk without the Moderator being present on the conference call?

That's right, you can decide whether your participants are able to speak to each other before and after the Moderator joins the call. The conference calls in your account are set by default to allow participants to speak before the Moderator joins the call and can hang on after the call is ended and continue to speak if they wish. As Moderator you can set the call to keep participants listening to music until the moderator joins the calls and hang up on all participants when you hang up on the call. These are two of the options available in Conference Options in your Conferencing Hub for every conference call reservation in your account.

FAQ of the Month

Can I have a customized greeting for my conference call?

Yes. One of the Moderator features on a conference call allows you to create a customized greeting for your conference call. After the participants enter their pass code to enter the conference call they will be greeted by your customized introduction. As moderator just enter *32 after you have entered the conference call and record whatever greeting you would like. If the conference call is a reservationless call the participants will hear that greeting everytime they join the call.

For more details on Host Controls click here. 


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