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Connecticut Conference Calls are better with Zip Conferencing

Conference calls in Connecticut are made easy with Zip Conferencing. You can set up an account and be meeting in minutes. Whether your calls are within Connecticut or around the world we have the services to fit your needs. And you will save more money with Zip Conferencing than other providers.

If you are a Connecticut company you can be confident that Zip Conferencing knows your needs. Our company is headquartered in New Jersey so we understand the special needs in the tristate area and can even come to your location if necessary to assist you with your meeting needs. So whether you are in Waterbury, Danbury or Hartford, our service can help your company.

Reservationless Conferencing - The most popular form of audio conferencing by far is the reservationless conference. This type of call allows you to have a meeting with your participants whenever you lie without having to reserve anything with the provider. That flexibility allows you to meet whenever you need to without worry.

Web Conferencing - Web conferencing provides you the ability to share what is on your computer screen with your participants while on the meeting. This is becoming more and more popular as people get familiar with it.

Quality - One thing you will always get with Zip Conferencing is quality. We use state of the art equipment connected to top tier telecommunications networks.

Reliability - Our systems are backed up by battery and generator power systems to ensure that your meetings are as reliable as possible.

Support - With Zip Conferencing you get phone support 24/7/365 from representatives who can even join your call if necessary to assist you.



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