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Web Meetings add a whole new dimension

The conference call has been around for quite some time, but web conferencing has only been around for the past 15 years. The conferencing web service has gone through the early adopter stage and is now being used extensively by people wishing to do remote meetings because compared to the audio call alone a web meeting adds a whole new dimension.

What would it be like if you went to an in person meeting and sat in the audience but you could not see the presenter and all you could do was listen to the presentation. No overhead slides or materials to go with the discussion, just the voice to listen to. And you are the only person in the audience as well. This is basically what it is like during a call. Let's face it , it is hard to pay attention to the speaker, you are easily distracted and you certainly are not going to get much out of the meeting. Don't get me wrong, a call can be a very effective means of communication when you just need to update a project or have a meeting with people you know to discuss things. But a web meeting brings in the missing elements.

A web meeting gives you the ability to share that slide presentation with your audience. You can even stream video of yourself to the audience while you are speaking so that they can see the presenter. The audience can see the materials presented on a web meeting and can see that there are other participants in the audience as well. The entire experience feels more be like a real presentation in person.

You can even further engage your audience with a web conference by having a polling session or even invite participants to use a whiteboard. By engaging your audience and making the web meeting more interactive you will keep the audience interested and they will retain more of the information presented.

So isn't it time that you gave your participants the full experience and started using a web meeting instead of just a plain old call? Zip Conferencing makes it easy to start using a web conferencing service. In just a few clicks you can start your web meeting. Still not sure? We also offer a FREE trial for 30 days so why not just experience how easy it is to use for yourself.


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