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June 2009


What's New

New Billing System - The company has been undergoing an ambitious upgrade to our billing system. The upgrade has caused a few delays in billing and a couple of billing errors (oops!) that have been corrected along the way but promises to deliver even better detail and more convenient features for our customers in the future. We appreciate your patience as we continue to refine the new system.

Upgrades to the conferencing Hub - The online account management tool that makes doing business with Zip Conferencing so easy is getting an upgrade on Saturday, June 13th. Because of this the system will be unavailable from 12:00 am to 6:00 am EST on this date. The summary of new features is as follows:

  • A new look and feel to make it easier to navigate
  • Enhanced Recording Controls
  • Enhance Administration Reporting

To log into your Hub go to the My Account section by clicking here.

Did You Know?

You can add as many New Moderators as you like?

That's right, you can add as many new Moderators and conference calls to your account as you need. That way everyone in your company can have access to a conference whenever they like without getting on the same conference. There is no cost to add Moderators or conferences and you have access to do this yourself through your conferencing Hub. You can access more information on how to add moderators by accessing the Zip Conferencing Knowledgebase by clicking here.

FAQ of the Month

How many people can I have on an Audio Conference Call?

Our reservationless service is currently limited to a maximum of 125 participants at a time. If you have a situation where you need to accomodate a larger number of callers you can submit a Support Request Form and a representative from the sales department will contact you to discuss the availability of services to accomodate your needs. You can get to the Support Request Form by clicking here.


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