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October 2009


What's New

Reduced Pricing for Recording Downloads - The cost to download a recording of your call has been reduced from $75 per download to only $25. And its easy to record your call. Simply use the Host controls in the call to start the recording by pressing *22 if you are the Moderator of the call when you want to start recording. When you want to stop the recording you simply press *22 again or the recording will end when the call has ended. Then log into your conferencing Hub and download a recording of your call in one of several available formats.

Billing System Update - The new billing system implementation continues to make steady progress. We are still challenged with some of the functionality on the web site, but hope to restore full functionality soon. If you need any information that is not available on the web site simply fill out a Support Contact Form and a representative will be glad to assist you. We appreciate your patience as we continue to refine the new system.

You can find the Support Contact Form by clicking here.

Did You Know?

You can customize the look of your conferencing Hub?

That's right, you can customize your conferencing Hub by adding your company logo and changing the colors of your conferencing Hub. This will give the landing page for your URL a look to match your own web site. That way when you invite participants to join a web conference by going to your conferencing Hub it will look like your own site. You can even add a link on your own site to send people to your conferencing Hub to join conferences.

More detail on this function can be found by clicking here.

FAQ of the Month

Can I make it so that my participants listen to music before the Moderator joins the conference call?

Yes. You are in control of a number of conference options that allow you to customize the way your conference call works. One of these options is whether your participants can talk before the Moderator joins the call. The default setting allows participants to talk before the Moderator joins the call but you can easily make it so that the participants listen to music before the Moderator joins the call by logging into your conferencing Hub and editing the options.

For more details on conference options click here.

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