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A call with Zip Conferencing is very easy to use, yet full of features that will help you hold a professional meeting even if you have never done it before. A call with Zip Conferencing can be ready in minutes and you can host up to 300 participants on a single call. Here are the simple steps to hosting your first meeting.

  • Sign Up - To host a call you first need to sign up for the Zip Conferencing service. Signing up is an easy process. You just need to provide your contact information, select the rate plan you want and provide payment information. Within minutes of signing up you will receive your account information. Included in this information is your password and client id which allows you to log into your account online. Your online account gives you access to add Moderators and calls to your account. You can also access usage reports and recordings of your calls. Also on this email is your first set of information. This includes a toll free and local dial in access number, a moderator pass code and a pass code. This is everything you need to host a call and can be used right away.
  • Invite Participants - Now that you have your information all you need to do is set the time and date for your meeting and tell your participants. Since the information can be used whenever you want you don't need to tell us when your call is going to be. Simply call or email your participants and tell them when you want the meeting and provide them with the toll free access number and the pass code. At the time of the meeting the participants dial the toll free access number and then input their pass code. As Moderator you do the same and put in the moderator pass code and you will be connected with your participants. The Moderator pass code provides you with Host Controls during the call. Host controls include the ability to mute participants and record your call.
  • Conduct your Call - Once you join your call you can conduct your meeting just like you would in person. One good practice to do during a call is to identify yourself every time you speak since people can't see you. An agenda is useful like any other meeting and leaving the meeting with an action plan will help keep things moving along.


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