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What should you look for in a provider? Different people are looking for different things in a conference calingl provider so the best thing to look for is options. The more options that a service provider offers, the easier it will be to satisfy your needs since they are more likely to have the things you want. Zip Conferencing is a service provider that offers its customers a number of options that enable you to customize your own service. Here is a list of some of the things you can control with Zip Conferencing.

  • Online Account Management - As a service provider we not only give you options but we give you the ability to control the options as well. Our online account management gives you access to everything we describe here and more.
  • Scheduled or Reservationless - We are a service provider that let's you decide if you want to schedule a conference every time or simply use our reservationless service. The reservationless service means you can use the same information every time when you need it. Or you can schedule an individual call every time with different pass codes for every call.
  • Web Conferencing - We are a full feature service provider so we also offer web conferencing which gives you the ability to share a presentation online with your participants. You can even share your entire desktop with your audience.
  • Dial In Number - We are a provider that gives you many different dial in access options especially if you have international participants. You can provide a local number in the US, a US toll free number, a local number in major cities around the world or an international toll free access number to your participants to connect to your call.
  • Entry/Exit Tones - You can decide whether your participants make a tone when they enter and exit the call, play their name or are silent. Zip Conferencing as a service provider gives you the choice you will not find with many providers.
  • Music on Hold - Do you want your participants to be able to speak together before you join the call? If not, we are a provider that gives you the choice. You can have them listen to music prior to the host joining the meeting.
  • Recording - Does your provider allow you to record the call? With Zip Conferencing you can record the call and then dial in to listen to it, download a recording or order a CD of your meeting.
  • Post Conference Reporting - You can receive an email following your call that shows you the detail of the call including the number your participants dialed in from or you can access usage reports online and download them into Excel.


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