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Audio Conferencing Host Controls Access Many Features

Use these easy star controls during your Automated conference calls.

Conference Assistance
Help menu
Operator assistance
Increase conference
Decrease conference
Increase your voice
Decrease your voice
Mute or "un-mute" your line
Mute all participant lines
"Un-mute" all participant lines
Turn security code on/off
Record a Conference Introduction
Continue meeting when Host exits
Silence tones during the meeting
Hear participant
Hear roll call
Disconnect all lines
Lock or unlock conference
Record for Playback
To record your conference An e-mail will be sent to you following your conference call with instructions to access your playback
Initiate subconference
Join subconference
Return to main menu
Facilitator returns all to main

Star Commands—Manage your meeting from the telephone keypad

Keeping security in mind
Make sure to keep your My Meeting Room account information in a safe place and limit the distribution of your personal passcodes to prevent misuse.

Security on demand
Automated Conferencing gives you the option to change your security code for every call:

  1. Host selects unique code and informs participants.
  2. Host activates security feature by simply pressing *31.
  3. Host can select music on hold until host joins for additional security.

Note: Two-digit controls can only be done by the moderator.


Need a Brochure? Download a PDF document on Audio Conferencing Host Controls.

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