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Conference calls are the best way to get an edge

Zip Conferencing can help power any business and give you and edge over the competition. With conference calls you can save time and money and beat your competition without leaving your office. These daysremote meetings aren't just used for internal meetings and when there is an emergency although those are useful too. Calls can put you in front of your prospective customers without leaving your office without missing a beat. Our audio and web solutions can give you all the tools you need to meet just like you were face to face with your customer. So if you are in Boulder and need to have a meeting in Denver don't get in your car, schedule a web meeting and meet right now!

Audio Conferencing - Our audio service allows you to talk to a group of people across Colorado or around the world. You simply provide your participants with the dial in access number and the pass code and the time of your call. There is no need to make a reservation as your dedicated meeting is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Web Conferencing - If you want to do a presentation you can use our Web Conferencing service to share your presentation while on the phone with your participants. Sales presentations for customers can be done at any time from the convenience of your office. And your participants don't need to download any software in order to see your presentation. So in a matter of minutes you can conduct a presentation with a prospective customer. Why try to schedule a meeting when you can reach the customer while they have interest and time?



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