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Zip Conferencing provides the type of quality and reliability you expect. So if you are looking to save some money by finding cheap conferencing you should still compare features and quality because you can have both.

There are a lot of service vendors out there selling inexpensive calls. And the prices for a service have gotten to the point where you have to do millions of minutes to save any real money between all of the vendors like Zip Conferencing who provide low cost conferencing. So now that you have rock bottom pricing how do you choose a service company? One thing you should look for is features. Make sure that the service still gives you features.

Here is a list of features you can control from your PC or Telephone:

  • Mute and Un mute - As Moderator you can mute and un mute participants. The participants can mute and un mute themselves from their telephone.
  • Volume Control - You and your participants can control the call volume you hear and also your volume into the call.
  • Roll Call - As Moderator you can hear how many participants are on the call or you can actually hear their names in a roll call when you join the meeting.
  • Lock Conference - To add additional security to your call you can lock the call so that no other participants can join at any time during the call.
  • Turn on Security - You can also add an additional level of security by requiring participants to enter an additional code to enter the call.
  • Record the Call - You can record the meeting so that people who were unable to join the call can listen to it later. Or you can download a copy of the call or order a CD of your call.
  • Hold a Sub conference - A Moderator has the ability take participants into a sub conference to hold a private meeting away from the other participants.

A list of these features and how to access them is supplied when you sign up for the service. A more detailed look at these features is also available on the web site here.

The other area to ask of your vendor is in quality and reliability. Obviously it is important to have the call available when you need it. Unlike many of the vendors out there Zip Conferencing has spent a lot of money and effort in making sure that your meeting will be there when you need it. Our equipment is the latest available. The equipment is also backed up with spares, in case of an outage the equipment can be swapped out with minimal interruptions. The equipment is directly connected to a multiple telecommunications providers to make sure if one has an issue we can still process the calls. The equipment on the network is connected to a generator and battery back up to provide power in case of an outage. So inexpensive services are great but make sure you are dealing with a company that has taken care to provide quality and reliability as well.


Zip Conferencing provides high quality, reliable conference calls for less!


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