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Changing your Web Password

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November 2011


What's New


Race to the Finish - The end of the year is fast approaching and everyone is trying to make that last sale or finish that project in time.  Zip Conferencing is here to help!  If you have not tried Web Conferencing yet you should.  It can really help you save time and increase your productivity.  And it is easy to use so you can jump right in and start experiencing what all the buzz is about.  Share your desktop today and see how easy it is.  And even our existing customers can take advantage of the 30 Day FREE Trial offer.  Just talk to our sales team today and they can enable this service on your account in minutes.  Call Sales at 866-704-2451 Press 1.

For more information on Web Conferencing click here http://www.zipconferencing.com/web-conferencing.php


Did You Know?


You can change your Password?

That's right, it is easy to change the Web Password you use to log into your account.  After you log into your conferencing Hub click on the "My Profile" link in the upper right on the Home Page.  When you get to your Profile page click on the "Change Password" link at the top of the page and type in any password you would like.  Your password will be immediately changed.  And remember it is easier to go directly to your URL for your conferencing Hub to log in instead of the Zip Conferencing web site.

If you have any questions please call sales at 866-704-2451 press 1 and we will be happy to assist you.


FAQ of the Month


Does the Toll Free number work in Canada?

With Zip Conferencing, you can access our toll free number from anywhere in the United States and Canada as well as Caribbean countries.  There are surcharges, however, for access outside the continental United States.  For Canada we are required to charge an additional $.03/min for toll free access. 

For the surcharge amounts from other areas outside the contiguous United States look at the bottom of our Rates page here http://www.zipconferencing.com/conference-calls.php


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