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A Conference can save the day in an Emergency

A conference call can be used for any number of reasons in every day business and personal use. But a call can really save the day in the event of an emergency. Just think about it. When there is an emergency in your company or personal life you want to get people together and get everyone on the same page. The best way to do this is with a conference call.

These days everyone has a phone at their disposal and can join a call at a moments notice, so if you are ready you can get everyone together in short order to begin solving whatever the emergency situation may be. Having a reservation on hand can really save the day.

With Zip Conferencing it is easy to get your own set of information. You simply need to sign up on the web site and within minutes you will have your own dedicated set of instructions that are ready for use. You can use the information immediately if you like or schedule a call in the future. And with Zip Conferencing you can sign up for our Pay As You Go Plan and simply store the information until you need it. You will not be charged anything unless you use the service. That way you can have a set of emergency information at the ready in case of emergency.

If you already have an account with Zip Conferencing and you use our service regularly you still may want to have a set of information just for emergencies. If you have a response team for a particular situation or department for example you could have a set of emergency conference call information that you only use for that group. WIth Zip Conferencing you can have as many pass codes as you like. Again, you are not charged anything unless you use that set of information.

If an emergency comes up in your personal or business life you can also sign up for an account and be meeting in minutes. It it easy to sign up for the service and when you get your information you are ready to start right away. Simply send your participants the toll free dial in access number and pass code and the time you want to hold your meeting. At the designated time you simply dial the same toll free access number and put in the Moderator pass code and you will join the call. When your participants do the same you can begin your meeting.

With Zip Conferencing we make it easy to communicate during emergencies and all times with our high quality, reliable service.


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