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California Conference Calls can be Customized

Why settle for plain vanilla conferencing when you can customize your calls with Zip Conferencing? After all everyone doesn't like things done the same way and with all of the variety available why not let you decide how you want your conferencing?

Zip Conferencing provides online access to your account and allows you to set up as many Moderators and conferences as you need in your account. And every Moderator can choose the options they want. They can even have each call have different options depending on the situation you may want to employ different features. And then when you join the meeting you also have access to host features that allow you to control a number of things within the call. You can even access these controls from your PC while you are on a call if you like.

Entry/Exit Tone - One of the features that many people feel different about is the use of entry and exit tones to signal the arrival and departure of participants in a call. Many people find them useful but if you want you can turn off the entry tone, the exit tone or both or you can have the name of the participant announced instead of just a tone.

Music on Hold - Most hosts allow their participants to talk together before they join the call but if you want you can have the participants listen to music until the host joins. That way the participants cannot speak to each other unless the host has joined the meeting.

Post Conference Report - Ever curious about how many participants were on your call or when they joined? You can have a post conference report arrive via email that gives you all the detail of the call immediately after the call has ended.

Muting Participants - If you have a large group you may want to mute them while you do your presentation to eliminate any possibility of noise and interruption in your meeting. As host you can mute and unmute all participants during the call.

Volume control - If you have trouble hearing someone in the meeting you can simply turn up the volume and every participant can control the volume of the call and their line into the meeting using a simple command.



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