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Big Business Conference Calls for Small Businesses

Historically, business conference calling with all of its features, options and especially its price was reserved for big businesses only. Now that has changed. Zip Conferencing has brought a service that has all the quality, reliability, features and service to businesses of all sizes. Pricing normally reserved for only the largest business accounts is now available with our pricing packages at usage levels experienced by average businesses.

Available to Everyone

Our service was made to satisfy the needs of the largest businesses but priced so that even a small business can have access to the best in conferencing. What makes our service so good? Our service was designed with quality, reliability and customer centric features that differentiate us from other providers. Here are some of the areas where you can see that our service will satisfy even the most selective customers.

  • Quality - The Zip Conferencing system was designed with quality and reliability first. Without a reliable network you have nothing. Only the best and latest equipment was used. Our equipment is hooked directly to our long distance carriers to provide high quality connections to the telecommunications network. Our calls sound like you are in the same room with your participants.
  • Reliability - Our network has back up power in the form of batteries and a generator to insure that a power failure in our facility will not interrupt a single call. We have back up equipment standing by in case of an equipment failure. This equipment will automatically be deployed in the case of an equipment issue of any kind. You can not find a more reliable service.
  • Options - Our service provides you the ability to customize the conference call to your liking. You can control a host of options that affect the way the call works for you and your participants. For instance, you can control whether the participants make a tone when they enter and exit your meeting. You can have it make a tone or play their name or be silent on entry and exit. You can decide whether your participants can talk before you enter your meeting. And you can decide whether your participants can continue the meeting when you have left the call. There are a number of other options you have control over with our services.
  • Features - With our service you are given controls within the call as well. You can control your meeting through your telephone or through your PC. You can mute and un mute participants, control the volume and record your call to name just a few. Our sevice offers as many features as a service for large businesses.
  • Service - The service you receive is first rate and would satisfy even the largest businesses. Our representatives are available 24 hours a day to answer questions. And if you are on a call and need assistance you can simply press *0 and an operator will join your meeting and provide assistance.


Zip Conferencing provides high quality, reliable conference calls for less!


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