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Zip Conferencing was designed for businesses of all sizes. It used to be that if you wanted a service with all the features and quality of a business conference call you would have to pay a lot to get it. Not anymore. Zip Conferencing has made services affordable to businesses of all sizes.

The main ingredient to a successful meeting is quality and reliability. A conference call is often a situation where you will have important members of your business on the telephone meeting with others within the business or customers or even more importantly potential customers. You can't afford to have a situation where the call is not available when you need it. You have to use a service you know is going to be able to deliver the call on time and without issues. The free services are not meant for business use and may not be available as they will not guarantee the capacity for you. And once you get on your call you don't want to have any issues that affect the abilitiy to hear the other participants either. A good call is like the light bulb in the meeting room. You won't notice it unless it goes out.

With Zip Conferencing you can rest assured that your call will be there when you need it because we have engineered our network to perform under all circumstances. Our service network is state of the art and fully redundant. The connections to the network are to the latest bridges. The bridges are backed up in case of outage with redundant equipment and connected to generator and battery back up systems to maintain power in case of outage as well.

All of these systems are backed up by our award winning service and support. We have service representatives available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you are on a call and you need support you simply need to hit *0 on your telephone and an operator will join your call and assist you. You can also monitor the call yourself by logging into the call with your PC and you can see the participants. From the PC interface you can control the volume of the conference, mute and un-mute participants and even hold a sub-conference with participants quickly and easily.

If you compare the features and options of Zip Conferencing with other service providers you will see that there is a difference. No one can compare to Zip Conferencing's level of service and quality.


Zip Conferencing provides high quality, reliable conference calls for less!


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