How to Host a Conference Call


Send your guests, via email, fax, or word of mouth, an invitation for the conference call.


Design an Invitation:

Date/Time of conference – you may want to include an agenda.

It is recommended that you inform your Guests to log into the conference call no less than 5 minutes prior to start time.  


Conference Call Dial-In Info:

·          Instruct guests to dial into the Conference Call approximately 5 minutes prior to the conference

·          Provide Dial-In phone number

·          Provide Participant Pass Code

·          Require attendees to refrain from putting the call on hold, as some companies have hold music that would disrupt the conference.   


·          Set an agenda for the meeting.

·          If possible, send the agenda to all meeting participants.

·          Send out a reminder to participants for conference calls scheduled far in advance.

·          Make sure you are in a quiet location where you will not be disturbed



·          Be on time! It helps if the host or chairperson dials into the conference call a few minutes early.  This avoids confusion if guests dial-in early.

·          Turn off call-waiting. Most call-waiting features can be deactivated by dialing 70# before dialing into the conference.

·          Dial into the call using either the Toll Free or Local Dial-In number provided. You will be prompted to enter your passcode.

·          Conduct a roll call to find out who has joined your conference.

·          Remind attendees to refrain frrm putting the call on hold, as some companies have hold music that would disrupt the conference. 

·          Instruct everyone to state their names when speaking to avoid confusion. For example, “This is Karen, and I’d like to see…”




·          Ask for feedback from specific participants instead of from the entire group.

·          Postpone any discussions that are not relevant to the conference call for another date and time.

·          Promptly deal with any noise or distractions.

·          Summarize the issues discussed and recap any action items resulting from the conference call.

·          Clearly state when you are ending the conference call. Often a guest can be left on the line not realizing that the conference call has ended.


Conference Call Host Controls:


Control Feature

Control Code

Available to All Participants



Operator Request


Mute My Line


Unmute My Line


Change My Volume

*5 Increase / *8 Decrease

Host or Moderator Controls

Change Conference Volume

*4 Increase / *7 Decrease

Private Roll Call


Participant Count


Mute All


Unmute All


Dial Out to Participant


Start Recording


Pause Recording


Stop Recording

End the Conference

Lock Conference


Unlock the Conference


Terminate Conference


Toggle Conference Security


Sub Conference



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