Acoustically Sound Conference Rooms: Part 2

In the last article, we talked about softer material that will absorb the sound energy and what material won’t. Now we will cover something similar, but also necessary for acoustic perfection.

B = Blockage

The difference between noise blocking and noise absorbing is that absorbing noise is based on allowing noise to pass through a product, but to create privacy between rooms the noise needs to be blocked and not just simply absorbed. Blocking sound for your conference calls requires products that are designed to eliminate sound from entering or leaving the room. These products can be heavy, dense, bulky, or designed to separate the wall so that one side of the wall doesn’t have hard surface contact with the either.

You can block the sound by decorating your walls with acoustically-sound material. Believe me, it’s worth investing in specially-made panels and some soundproofing insulation, barriers, and other products made by the sound experts. Some of these panels even come in many different forms like modern art and also fabric wrapped. However, let me reiterate – using a structure of softer material such as foam (much like the anechoic chamber) isn’t going to block the sound. That will absorb the sound and transfer it to the other side.

If there are no other acoustic improvements, try having at least 15% of the wall surface covered with sound blocking panels. The best way is to either have them on all walls or on two walls out of four – this way there is no room for echoes to bounce back and forth.

Sound blockage is not only important for your conference room, but for your company as well. That privacy that’s created with these panels will lower distractions and enhance performance with continued focus from not only your coworkers, but yourself. You can take and make your conference calls with confidence!

In the next and final section, we will be covering a more universal way to enhance your conference room that’s called sound masking or sound cover-up.

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