Web Conference Recording

Being able to record a conference call has been around for a while.  It is fairly simple to press a command on your phone and initiate a recording of a conference call and then allow people to dial into a system to listen to the recording or download a copy of the recording to share with others.  A web conference, however, presents a different set of issues.  The web conference is on one platform and the audio portion of your web conference may be on another platform.  In fact, in the early days of web conferencing, the only way to record the web conference and the audio of that conference was to have a separate recording of the audio portion made using an adaptor that plugged into your PC and fed the audio portion back into the recording for the web conference.  That was fun.  Customers could not believe the gyrations they had to perform to record a web conference.

Today, recording a web conference is very simple and it provides a recording that is full audio and web and can easily be played back for participants.   Zip Conferencing’s web conference service has a one click mechanism to start the recording of both the audio and web conference portion of the conference call.  The recording of the web conference can be stored and viewed by you or your participants or you can download a copy of the web conference recording and distribute it as you see fit.  Like many aspects of web conferencing, as the recording has been simplified there are not only more recordings of web conferences being done, but people are thinking of ways to use the service that we in the industry never thought of ourselves.

Why hold the same seminar over and over again for different audiences?  If the subject matter for your web conference is not going to change you can just record the material once and then invite different people to observe the web conference to absorb the material.  Maybe there is a web conference when the participants were especially intriguing.  Record the meeting and you can share the insightful observations of one audience with another.  If you cannot attend a meeting live, but you still need to present the material you can record the meeting ahead of time and then share with your audience later.

The ability to easily record a web conference with the audio portion of the call has opened up a world of possibilities.

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