The Difference in Conference Call Services is Service

Since I have been in the conference call service industry for over 14 years, I have tried to share some of my knowledge of what is behind the curtain at a conference call service company.  And there are a number of differences that you can and cannot see when you look at different conference call service companies.  But many times you will never feel the difference unless you have an issue with a conference call service company you may not notice if they have a back up system, etc.  What you can feel and should feel right from the start is service.

With the declining rates for conference calls many conference call companies are looking for ways to cut costs just like any other industry.  And in the conference call industry the two biggest expenses are the telecommunication costs and the cost of personnel.  Since the telecommunications costs are near the bottom, the only place to really save any money is on personnel.  The problem is that customers want a low rate but they also want to be able to talk to a person if they have questions or problems.  So, when a conference call company takes away a customers ability to talk to a person there is a definite drop in the level of service the customer receives.  That is why at Zip Conferencing I have refused to reduce the number of personnel that interface with the customer.  In fact, I continue to grow that staff in relationship to the number of customers because I am a customer myself and I know how much I value the availability of a human being when I have a question or problem.

Here at Zip Conferencing, there is a person available to speak to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  And every account is assigned an Account Manager to help them with their conference calls.  That way each customer will have a positive experience and I believe the best way to build a business is through referrals.  How does the saying go?  Have a good customer experience and you will tell 3 people, but have a bad customer experience and you will tell 10 people.  So, the long term benefits of providing exceptional customer service in a conference call service company easily outweigh the short term economics of slashing personnel to attempt to improve profitability.

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