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Conference Calls are still King

In the years since audio conferencing has been invented there have been many services that were supposed to be better and would take over the marketplace. Well, conference calling is still King when it comes to group communications at a distance because it still offers the best combination of ease of use and price. And it will be many more years before a service is able to beat conference calls.


There are a number of reasons why conference calls are still the number one choice for distance communications with a group. And there are very powerful benefits that are hard to beat. Here are some of the reasons why conferencing is still so popular and some of the biggest benefits.

  • Ease of Use - Conference calling has become very easy to use. Since remote meetings have become so popular it is hard to find someone who has not been on a conference call. Just about everyone knows how to join a call which makes it very easy to hold a meeting. Simply provide the participants with the dial in access number and their pass code and the date and time of your meeting. Everyone simply dials in at the appropriate time and enters their pass code to join the meeting. It is that simple.
  • Universally Accessible - Anyone with a telephone can access a call. There was a time when some people did not have a touch tone phone but that is no longer a problem. And cell phones were not as reliable as they are today. But today phone meetings can be accessed from just about anywhere in the world as long as you have a telephone.
  • Affordable - Just like long distance phone calls, conferencing has become affordable to everyone. Even for personal use a toll free call is now a very affordable service.
  • Saves Time - Audio conferencing saves a huge amount of time. Compared to an in person meeting, a conference call does not require any travel time to the meeting. Even if you are just going to a meeting in the same building you still have to leave your office and get to the meeting and then sit there and wait for the Moderator. A call allows you to join from anywhere and continue to do whatever you are doing until the start of the meeting. No travel time involved.
  • Saves Money - A phone meeting saves the money you would spend even getting to a local meeting. But if you travel for your meeting normally, a remote meeting saves the money you would spend to travel to the destination, food and beverage costs and lodging costs. If your meeting is across country and not just across town this could mean huge savings if you use conferencing instead.
  • Increases Productivity - Conference calls allow you to remain productive in the times you normally would be traveling and getting ready for your meeting. If the meeting is at a great distance this can be a great deal of time where you can otherwise be productive. Also, when you get to your meeting if you forgot something back at the office or want to access files that are there you will be unable to do so until you return. By staying at your office and using audio conference calling you will be much more productive.


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