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Conference calling services can be as varied as makes of cars. They all get the job done and get you from point A to point B but the experience for the user can be quite different. The same with conference call services. Most providers will configure their services to be a certain way and that is the way you get them. With Zip Conferencing we have made our services customizable. You can access your account online and choose the options for your meetings. That way the call will perform exactly the way you like it.

Customize your Conference Services

There are a number of different options you have when you program your own audio conference calling services with Zip Conferencing. Here is a list of some of the options you can control as the Administrator of your services. These options are accessible by logging into your online account so you can customize your call whenever you like.

  • Entry/Exit Tones - Our services include the ability to have a tone sound when someone enters and exits a call. You can decide if you want a tone on entry, exit or neither. You can even have their name play when they enter the meeting by having them record their name when they join.
  • Music on Hold - With our services the participants are able to speak to each other before the Moderator joins the meeting. You can change this option so that the participants listen to music until the Moderator joins.
  • Moderator Ends Call - Our services allow participants to remain on the call for as long as they like to talk after the Moderator leaves the meeting. You can make it so that the call ends when the Moderator leaves if you like.
  • Roll Call - Perhaps you would like to know who is on the call when you join? Our services allow you to take a roll call when you join the meeting by hitting a command with your touch tone phone. The recorded names of your participants will play into the meeting.
  • Additional PIN Number - If you would like additional security on your call our services allow you to assign an additional PIN number to participants so that they need to input an additional code in order to enter the meeting.
  • Accounting Codes - If you would like to keep track of calls for accounting purposes our services provide the ability to capture an accounting code from the Moderator at the beginning of the meeting.
  • Recording - Our calling services permit you to record the call so that participants who missed the call can dial in later and listen to it or you can download a copy of the meeting. You can even order a CD of the conference to keep for your records.


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