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Zip Conferencing offers the best in audio and web conferencing at prices that are hard to beat. And we are so confident that you will love the quality of our conference calls we will give you an audio conferencing demo when you sign up for our service and allow you to take our service for a spin! That's right, you will get the first 60 minutes free so you can kick the tires on all the features offered to our customers and our outstanding call clarity. Here is a look at just some of the things you can access during your demo.

  • Try a Call - Your demo should start with a test call. When you sign up for Zip Conferencing you will receive an email that contains your first set of conference call information. When you receive the email you will have the toll free dial in access number, a moderator pass code and a participant pass code. Everything you need to do a call right away. Get a couple of people together and hold a meeting! All you have to do is provide your participants with the toll free dial in number and participant pass code and tell them when you want them to dial in. At that time you dial in with the same access number and your moderator pass code and you will be connected. The reason for using a moderator pass code is it will give you access to Host Controls.
  • Test Host Controls - When you conduct your test call for your demo you can try some of the Host controls that are available. When you use the moderator pass code you gain access to a number of Host controls that include the ability to mute all participants, adjust the volume of the call, record the meeting, create a customized greeting for your guests, do a roll call and add security features like a PIN number.
  • Try a Web Conference - Your test account also includes the ability to try out our web conferencing service for 30 days for free. With this service you can share your desk top with your participants, conduct a whiteboard session, share a power point presentation and even share desktop video of yourself with the participants.
  • Access your Online Account - Your demo also includes full account access for you so you can log into your account online and access all of the features available there as well. Online account features include the ability to customize your call with things like the entry and exit tones for participants, whether guest can speak before the moderator joins the call and enabling a post conference report that can be emailed to you following a meeting. You can also access reports that show your usage detail during the month.

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