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When we set out to build an audio conferencing company our founders used their years of experience in the teleconferencing industry to design a company focused on the customer. The idea was to build a company that was built around quality and service first and a good value second. The idea was that if we focused on quality and reliability the rest would take care of itself. As a services company we don't think there is any greater responsibility to our customers.

So, how did we create a company that can offer such high quality at such low prices? Here are some of the steps we have taken to build Zip Conferencing to create the best value in audio conferencing today.

  • New Equipment - Since we are a newer company we have had the opportunity to start fresh with brand new equipment. That means there are fewer chances for issues and you get the latest in terms of features that we can offer. Some companies out there have equipment that is 10 or more years old. Would you use a ten year old computer to run your business?
  • Solid Network - Our equipment is connected to top tier telecommunications companies directly to their networks. This makes sure you get the cleanest connection possible. And the reason we use multiple vendors is to prevent any outage that may be caused by a single vendor having an issue. The network a conferencing company establishes is like the foundation on which everything else operates and is essential to our success in providing high quality conference calls.
  • Redundant Systems - Our company systems are built on a solid network and are linked to redundant equipment that is ready to take over in the case of a major issue with our equipment. In addition, our equipment is backed up by generator and power back up systems that will provide power to our systems in the case of any power outage we may experience.
  • Low Overhead - As a new service company we were able to build our company from scratch. This allowed us to take advantage of technologies that help us automate many of the processes that other companies must do by hand. In addition all of our personnel are located in one facility and we do not employ a vast network of sales people to sell our services. This has kept our overhead lower than other companies. By keeping our costs down we can pass the savings on to you.
  • Great Service - One area where we did not scrimp at all as a company is in the area of service. We have representatives available 24 hours a day 365 days a year to assist you with your conference call needs. We also have operators available that can join you on your call if necessary to provide assistance as well.


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