audio conference

Audio Conference

A Conference Call that is Easy to Use and Affordable

A conference call has become the standard way that businesses hold remote meetings. The main reason that remote meetigns have become so popular is that it is the easiest and most affordable way to get a group of people together. An Audio conference gives you some very straightforward benefits like saving money and time and over time they have gotten very easy to use.

What makes a Conference Call so Easy to Use?

When audio conferencing first was being used it required an operator on every call to dial out to the participants. You had to be at the telephone you designated when the original reservation was made with the service provider. Not very convenient, especially since there were not cell phones where you could be anywhere. You had to be at the office or home phone and wait for the call. Then the dial in call was invented and that made life a lot easier. Now it really didn't matter where you were, you just needed a touch tone phone and you could dial into the conference and enter a pass code that placed you into the call.

Then one of the service companies came up with the idea to allow customers to hold a call whenever they wanted to without having to make a reservation. This seems silly now, but back then conferencing companies wanted to make sure there was enough capacity so they could guarantee a customer they could hold their meeting. Well this company simply bought excess capacity and opened up the gate. Flood gate that is. Because it is so much easier to simply hold an meeting without having to call and schedule ahead of time. And if you make something easier people will adopt it. Soon all of the companies were offering calls without the need to make a reservation.

And now Zip Conferencing is making your meetings even easier. By putting you in full control of your conference call and your account. If you want to add additional moderators to your account you can go online and simply add them. If you want to add an audio conference to your account you can simply go online and add one. And if you want to make the conference work the way you want it to you can go online and customize the way it works. Options like the entry and exit tones in a call and whether the participants listen to music when waiting for the host to join the meeting are just two of the options you can control. Zip Conferencing service representatives can help with any task but isn't it easier when you can quickly and easily log into your account and control things yourself. We think so and we hope you will as well.

Even Large Events are Easy

If you need to meet with a large number of people or you just don't want to be bothered with the mechanics of running the call yourself you can let our experienced operators assist you. Our operator assisted conference calls provide a dedicated operator for you that will handle all aspects of the call so you can focus on the meeting itself. Our operator will introduce you and assist with running a Question and Answer session for you during the call. We can even announce the end of the call and conclude the meeting. Our operator will meet with you beforehand and customize the call to your requirements. You just have to tell us how you want the meeting run and we will do the rest. Nothing could be easier.


Zip Conferencing provides high quality, reliable conference calls for less!


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audio conference
audio conference
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