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Zip Conferencing understands that your online meetings are an important part of your business. But conference calls are only good if they work when you need them to be. What good are audio calls if you can't hear the other people, or if there is static, or worse yet you can't even get in your meeting? Audio conferencing is like the lights in the conference room. You aren't going to notice them unless they don't work. An online remote meeting should be just as unnoticeable.

Our Network Details

Audio calls are only as reliable as their equipment and networks. How the service company engineered their network will make all the difference in whether your calls perform. We would not expect you to know what is going on behind the scenes in a conferencing service company so here are a number of details regarding Zip Conferencing that insure your meetings are a success.

  • State of the Art Equipment - We use only the latest state of the art equipment to provide our services. Newer equipment means the service will be more reliable and offer the latest features. When you are using an airline do you like an airline with the latest aircraft? Everyone likes to save money but you also want to make sure that your calls work well or it could cost you even more in lost business or productivity.
  • Redundant Systems - We have installed back up equipment for your services that is always ready to be deployed in case of emergency. Should a failure occur on the primary piece of equipment that is running your conference call the back up equipment will be instantly engaged and take over the call without you missing a beat.
  • Back Up Power - All of the equipment that is used to run the calls is backed up by battery and generator back up power. The batteries will instantly take over in case of emergency and the generator power will start and be able to maintain power indefinitely. A power outage in our facility is not an issue with our back up power.
  • Direct Connections - We have established direct network connections with major long distance carriers that eliminates any issues a company may have in getting the audio calls from the network provider to the conference equipment.
  • Multi-Carrier Network - To prevent against an outage at the long distance carrier network for yourcalls we have engineered a multi-carrier network so that we can use an alternate carrier if one should have an issue.
  • 24/7 Support - Your meetings are supported 24/7 365 days a year by our customer service team that is there to assist you at all times.


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