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Arkansas conference calls are more reliable with Zip Conferencing

If you are doing remote meetings now and have experienced any problems you know how important reliability is to your calls. After all what good is a conferencing service if it isn't there when you need it? The best price in the world isn't going to help you if you are trying to do a meeting and there is an issue. Here are some of the things that Zip Conferencing has done to make sure your calls are there when you need them.

Back Up Power - The most important thing we can do is keep our systems up and operating and for that you need power. We have installed battery and generator back up power systems for all of our equipment to make sure that if there is a power outage our services will not be affected. In fact, our generator will run our operations for as long as we need it to in an emergency.

Back Up Systems - Unlike most other service providers we have stand by equipment in case of an outage. This is an expensive step but with Zip Conferencing if there is a problem with our conferencing equipment we can immediately switch to our back up equipment without any loss of service. And even though we use the newest equipment in the industry there is always the possibility of an issue.

Back Up Telecommunications - Zip Conferencing also has more than one telecommunications provider supplying our network. This insures that if the communications provider has an issue we can switch traffic to another provider.

Support - Many low cost providers only provide support at certain times of the day or through email only. With Zip Conferencing you have support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We can even join your call and assist you if necessary by simply pressing *0 on your phone while in the meeting.

So for all of your Arkansas conference call needs you can rest assured that our services will be there for you.



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