Conferencing Call Services

Ancillary Rates

Audio Recording and Transcription Rates

Here are more ways to enhance your experience with Zip Conferencing. Add recording playback, transcription or a CD recording to your conference call.

Conferencing Call Services

As host, you can record the conference call by simply by pressing *22 and following the prompts. See Host Controls for more detail. After the call you can log into your account and retrieve the dial in information for the recording. You will be charged an additional participant charge at your rate to record the call. If a guest dials into the recording you will be charged 4.8¢/minute while they listen to the recording. You also have the ability to download the recording to your PC in a variety of formats or we can ship you a CD recording. If you prefer your meeting can be transcribed so that you have a permanent written record of the content. 

Conferencing Call Services Conferencing Call Services Conferencing Call Services
• $25 +Shipping and Handling
Shipping and Handling
• $10 standard
• $15 2-Day Shipping
• $20 Priority

• $25
File Types
• (wav, mp3, asf, rm or wma)

Addl months storage $30/mo

• $90/ ¼ hour - 1 Day turnaround
• $120/ ¼ hour - Express


Web Recordings

Online meetings also have extra services available to enhance your experience. You can record both the visual and audio portion of the web conference if you used our audio during the event. Participants can then log in and watch and listen to the presentation at their leisure. There is a fee to record and store the call in 30 day increments or you can simply download the recording and play the recording on your PC.
Conferencing Call Services Conferencing Call Services Conferencing Call Services
• $30/month Recording and Storage Fee
• $5/view of the recording • $100

These services are available to be ordered before or during your meeting. They are charged at the above rates on a per use basis.  

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