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Alaska Conference Calls can Save Time and Money

Conference calls have provided businesses many benefits over the years and the same is true in Alaska. Whether you are in Fairbanks or Anchorage traveling to the United States is expensive and time consuming. But that doesn't mean you can't do business. With conferencing services from Zip Conferencing you can conduct meetings just like you were there in person. Meeting with people using our services can save you time, money and help increase your productivity.

Save Time - Whether your meeting is across the hall, across Alaska or across the country you will save time with audio conferencing. Even the simple process of leaving your desk to go to a meeting room in the same building is costing you time as you gather your things, shut down your computer, forward your phone and whatever else you need to do when you leave your desk. With online meetings you can simply stay at your desk and attend the meeting. While you are waiting for the meeting to begin you can continue working. Traveling to a meeting can mean minutes, hours and even days of time wasted.

Save Money - Travel just continues to get more and more expensive. So attending a meeting can get quite expensive depending on its location in relation to where you are. Since you are in Alaska it can be very costly to travel to any meeting outside of the state. And while the cost of travel has gone up over the years the cost of conferencing has continued to go down. There is really no contest when you compare the cost of conference calls to the cost of in person meetings.

Increase Productivity - Needless to say, your productivity will greatly increase if you are not spending your time in airports and hotels. And if you are attending meetings while you are at your desk you have access to all your materials while you are in the meeting. With web conferencing you can share any documents you want with your participants and collaborate real time to get things done.



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