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Alabama online meetings can cost less with Zip Conferencing

Zip Conferencing can help you save money on your audio conferences you conduct across the country and around the world. And you don't have to worry about the quality and reliability of the calls either. Zip Conferencing uses nothing but the latest equipment and top tier telecommunications providers to make sure you always receive the best conference calls you can get in Alabama.

Here are some of the Alabama remote meeting services we can provide from Mobile to Birmingham to Huntsville.

Toll Free Audio Conferencing - Our basic service allows people to dial a toll free number and connect to the call without incurring any cost themselves. Our clear telecommunications connections make it sound like you are in the same room with your participants.

Web Conferencing - If you would like to share what is on your PC with your participants you can also do a web conference. You can present a Powerpoint presentation, share an application, do whiteboarding like in a meeting room and even share video of yourself and see your participants.

International Calls - If you have participants calling in from other parts of the world you can have them join your meeting by dialing a local number in the United States, a local number in their home country or an international toll free access number.



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