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March 2010


What's New

Service Beyond the Call - Although it is nothing new, we thought it would be helpful to outline the support available to you. We are always here to help, so if you have any questions or need assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Sales and General Questions - Available 24/7
Call 866-704-2451 press 1
Email sales@zipconferencing.com
Online Support Contact Form

Billing Inquiries - Available 9-5 EST, M-F
Call 908-691-4980
Email billing@zipconferencing.com
Online Support Contact Form

Technical Support - Available 24/7
Call 866-704-2451 press 2 then 1 for Audio or 2 for Web Support

Support while on a Conference Call - Available 24/7
Press *0 on your telephone from within your conference call and an Operator will join your call

Did You Know?

You can add as many Moderators and Conferences as you need to your account?

That's right, if you have multiple people in your company that want to be able to Host a conference call you can add them as a Moderator in your account. That way your company can have more than one conference call going on at once without interfering with each other. Simply log into your conferencing Hub and then go to Administration then Moderator Management then Add a Moderator. Or Search for an existing Moderator and then Edit their Profile to Add a conference reservation if you want to add a conference to an existing Moderator.

For more details on adding or editing moderators or conferences click here.

FAQ of the Month

If I am the Moderator and I hang up will the conference call end?

There are a number of conference call options you can control including the disconnection of the conference call when the Moderator hangs up. As a default, though, the conference call will not hang up when the Moderator leaves the conference call. The participants can continue to talk and the call will not end until all of the participants hang up.

For more details on conference options click here.


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