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GlobalMeet Update Adds Enhancements

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November 2014


What's New


GlobalMeet 3.6 Update

The GlobalMeet Web Conferencing service will be upgraded to version 3.6.  In this release you will see the following enhancements:

  • Better Audio/Visual Management - GlobalMeet now remembers the last microphone and webcam used and eliminates the need to search for the device.
  • New File Share Report - Track when and who you have shared your files with by accessing a file share report.
  • Easier Access to Recordings and Reports - Easily access all of your meeting recordings and reports from your GlobalMeet File library.
  • Seamless Meeting Scheduling for MAC Users - GlobalMeet now accesses your Mac Address book and enables you to quickly invite contacts.
  • 64-bit Support - GlobalMeet now supports the 64-bit version of Outlook

From 12:00 AM to 4:00 AM EST on November 15th the GlobalMeet Web Conferencing service may be intermittenly available.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.

If you have any questions about the update speak to a representative at 866-704-2451 press 1.

Did You Know?

You can customize the way your conference calls work?

That's right. There are a number of ways you can customize the way your conference calls behave.  Don't like how you are interrupted by a tone when someone joins your meeting?  Turn them off.  Maybe you don't want people talking until you have joined the call?  You can have them listen to hold music until the host joins the calls.  These and several other conference options are controlled by you!  Just log into your account and go to the conferencing Hub and when you go to the conference details you will see the Conference Options tab and a number of options you can control.

For assistance with this feature or any of our conference call features speak to a representative at 866-704-2451 press 1.


FAQ of the Month

Can I connect to a conference call without using a PIN number?

Yes.  Our new desktop and mobile Apps allow you to connect to a call with one click without having to remember those pesky conference PINs.  Or you can also have the system call out to you to connect you to your meeting.

If you have questions about any features of our services speak to a representative at 806-704-2451 press 1.





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