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Our Operator Assisted services will allow you to have thousands of people in your meeting?

That's right.  Unlike the automated audio service, our Event services can handle thousands of participants at a time.  But even if you only have a small number of people our operators can take all of the worry about the call out of your hands so you can concentrate on your presentation.  We will handle everything from the reservation to the speaker introduction to the sign off.  This type of call guarantees an organized meeting and makes for a very polished appearance.



Non-Verbal Communication 102

Welcome to Nonverbal Communication 102. In the last post we briefly touched on the basics of nonverbal communication: Dr. Albert Mehrabian’s famous statistic claiming that over 90% of body language is nonverbal, facial expressions, gestures and posturing. In this post I intend to expound on the same concepts as last time and tie up a few loose ends. Particularly eye movements, gestures/decorum and further information on posturing. Remember though, that this post is essentially just a continuation of a primer for body language. To catalog and define every actionable gesture, posture or otherwise would simply just not be possible in one, or even two or ten, blog posts. However, if you’re really struggling to understand your co-workers then this is a great place to start.


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