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Zip Conferencing is the leading provider of reliable, high quality conferencing services at discounted rates. Zip Conferencing has the same features and services as the higher priced providers at less than half the cost.

Zip Conferencing has designed its services to be both easy to use and option rich. You will receive a toll free number and conference code that will never change and be available for your use whenever you need it. Simply dial the access number and input your conference code to access your conference. And with our Outlook toolbar and Mobile Conference Call Apps you can take your conferencing information with you and schedule and start a meeting at the touch of a button.

Your Zip Conferencing account includes the ability to manage your information online where you can manage all aspects of your account including adding as many users and conferences as you need. You can even customize the way your conference calls operate if you like by changing conference options such as entry and exit tones and hold music.

Need to present visuals during your conference call? Zip Conferencing has a Web Conferencing service that makes it easy to do an online presentation for your participants. You can present slides, conduct training and even collaborate like you are in the same room with your guests.

And whether you do a lot of conference calls or a little there is a rate plan to fit your needs. With Zip Conferencing there are no contracts so you don't need to worry about being stuck in a long term contract and if your needs change you can change your rate plan or cancel at any time.

Latest News

New Host Control Feature Available

You can now Enable or Disable Entry and Exit tones after you have joined your conference call by using the Host Controls available through the touch tones on your telephone.  If you have joined the call using the Moderator pass code you can Enable or Disable Entry and Exit tones by pressing *39 on your telephone.  Follow the prompts to Enable or Disable the tones.



This winter telecommuting is king

For many people this is the longest, coldest, snowiest winter they have ever seen.  I have some memories of the blizzard of ’78 but I don’t remember the winter lasting as long as this one.  And I certainly don’t remember the number of snow storms we are dealing with this winter.  And it is taking its toll on businesses as well.  The economy is suffering as fewer people are able to leave their homes to spend money in stores and on activities that should be happening outside at this point in many areas of the country still covered in snow.  But for businesses that have made provisions for telecommuting the blow has been less than for others.  And many companies have discovered that conferencing services can provide the means to continue work processes from home without missing a beat.  So for those of you who still are wondering what can be done trapped in your home when you can’t get to the office here are some of the tools available for telecommuting.


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