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You can upload and store your files?

That's right.  The GlobalMeet web conferencing service allows you to upload your presentations and other files prior to your online meeting.  This provides easy access for all of your presentation files and it also allows you to permit downloading of the materials by your participants.  You choose which files they can download and easily access your presentation files. 



Applied Neuro Linguistic Programming

Chances are if you work in communications of any sort that you’re familiar with Neuro Linguistic Programming, even if you don’t know it.

Although it’s largely come to be considered a pseudoscience/new age path to enlightenment, NLP has also dug itself into many business-related fields. Marketing, management and sales seem to be the most consistent applications of NLP, having been largely abandoned by psychiatric professionals. However, certain practices in NLP are also still applied by some hypnotherapists.

So what is Neuro Linguistic Programming?


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