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You don't need to have a monthly plan in order to use the Web Conferencing service?

That's right.  The web conferencing service is available to all of our customers when they sign up for our service.  If you just need to use it once or once in a while you can just use the service and you will be charged for your usage on a per minute basis without paying a recurring monthly fee.  And if you have downloaded our desktop or mobile app you can start your web conference with just one click from within your audio call.



An Entry Level Guide to Non-Verbal Communication

One of the more popular statistics championed by psychology students and lovers of pop-science is the Idea that over 90% of interpersonal communication is nonverbal. According to Dr. Albert Mehrabian 38% of this non-verbal communication is attributed to vocal cues (also referred to as “paralanguage”), as opposed to verbal content that only amounts to 7%. This leaves 55% of all interpersonal communication to strictly nonverbal cues. In spite of the fact that this is a well known breakdown of the way we communicate, most have not learned to recognize the cues that make up our “body language”.


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